Jet Ski is one of the sports that most tourists enjoy in the Canary Islands. Almost every tourist wants to try this kind of attractions at least once, because it is a sport that provides a lot of satisfaction. Jet Ski is not only fun for young people, it is also great fun for the elderly and whole families. The Jet Ski Center is located in the South of Tenerife in Marina Del Sur and Puerto Colon.

Jet Ski safari along the south coast of Tenerife.
Put yourself in the hands of professionals and experience an experience that you will not forget for a long time.

We offer:

  • JetSki SAFARI 1h - Puerto Colon
  • JetSki SAFARI 2h - Puerto Colon
  • JetSki SAFARI 1h - Marina Del Sur
  • JetSki SAFARI 2h - Marina Del Sur
  • Souvenir from the expedition