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26 March 2017
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26 March 2017

Renting a Jet Ski with a guide in Tenerife can be safe if proper precautions are taken. The guide is an experienced professional who knows the local waters, safety rules, and potential hazards. By providing you with supervision and support, the guide can help ensure a safe Jet Ski adventure.

Guides often conduct short briefings before the tour, where they discuss Jet Ski operation, riding techniques, as well as regulations and restrictions on the water. They may also provide you with necessary safety equipment, such as life jackets, which are important for your safety.

It is also important to pay attention to the guide’s experience and qualifications. Before renting a Jet Ski with a guide, you can check reviews from other customers and learn about the company’s reputation in terms of safety and professionalism.

During the tour with a guide, you will have additional protection as the guide will monitor the group, provide assistance when needed, and help maintain a safe distance from other vessels. They will also be familiar with the best routes and worthwhile places to visit, allowing you to make the most of your time on the Jet Ski.

However, it is important to remain vigilant and act responsibly during the tour. Follow the guide’s instructions, adhere to safety guidelines, and respect the rules of water navigation. If you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to ask the guide before starting the tour.

In summary, renting a Jet Ski with a guide in Tenerife can be safe if you make an effort to choose a reputable company with an experienced guide and follow their instructions and safety guidelines.